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Q: How do I get started with Quick Record?
A: A: We recommend you watch the tutorials video (click here) for step-by-step instructions, also you can contact info@quickrecord.uk and we can help you set up your account.

Q: What does Quick Record do?
A: Quick Record is a personal recorder that records radio stations and shows to be played back at the convenience of the listener. Similar to how a VCR works with television Quick Record is a recorder for your radio. Quick Record also manages your social and upload requirements mean you can focus on the music.

Q: Why is a Quick Record useful?
A: Quick Record can be scheduled to record radio shows or stations which interest, you play on or own. Once recorded you can listen back, this can be in the following formats, SoundCloud, MixCloud, or downloaded. Quick Record will also handle all your social media feeds too.

Q: How does a Quick Record improve radio?
A: On radio, broadcasters determine the schedule. If you’re not in front of your radio you miss out. Using Quick Record you can record material that interests you and listen at a convenient time. You can pause, rewind or fast forward as you wish. Since the material is stored on the internet you can listen almost anywhere. Also as a DJ or station, you are giving your listeners the chance to play again.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Quick Record charges for the minutes you record. The DJ package is £3/$4 a month for Ten hours of recording. Our station packages start from £25/$30 a month for unlimited recording. Contact us for more help in creating your station account (info@quickrecord.uk). Remember you can sign up and get five hours for free.

Q: What do I get with a Station account?
A: Station accounts record 24/7 365 days a year for a set price a month. You also get access to extra features such as skip the ads, custom information uploaded to your site, and custom stream URLs per show.

Q: Can I pay with Paypal?
A: Yes, you can pay with Paypal. This is our preferred way via our website under the subscription selection

Using Quick Record

Q: How do I use Quick Record?

A: Please watch these YouTube videos and or contact info@quickrecord.co.uk

Q: I’ve forgotten my password! How do I log in to Quick Record?
A: If you already have an account click here to retrieve your password. An email will be sent to the address with the password.

Q: How do I change my password?
A: Log in to your Quick Record account and click on the “profile” link in the left-hand menu. From here you can change your password to whatever you want.

Q: How do I check my subscription level and/or my expiration date?
A: When logged into your Quick Record account, click ‘Subscription. At the top of the Subscription page, you’ll see how much you are paying, also when the next subscription is due. From the Summary page, you can also see how many times you have left of recording.

Q: My current subscription is on auto-renew. How do I cancel that?
A: Purchases were made using Paypal log into your PayPal account to turn off recurring payments.

  1. Go to www.paypal.co.uk and log in to your account.
  2. Click ‘Profile.’
  3. Click ‘My Money’
  4. Scroll down to ‘Automatic payments’
  5. Click ‘Manage Automatic Payments’.
  6. You should be be able to see your payment for Quick Record, you can then select this and click the cancel button at the top.

Q: How do I change subscription tiers?
A: If your account is on auto-renew, please cancel your current auto-renew in PayPal, If you would like to upgrade to a station account please let us know and we will update your subscription page to reflect the new price, you can then set up auto-renew for this new amount.

Q: How do I close my Quick Record account?
A: Send an email to info@quickrecord.uk and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Recording Content

Q: I can’t find the station/show I want! Why not?
A: The goal of Quick Record is to include all shows and stations. We’ve made it very simple to add shows/stations, you don’t have to pick from our own defined stations. You just need to know the streaming link of the radio station you want to record. You can even use the TuneIn link to find your radio station’s streaming link. This is where Quick Record is different to other recording solutions.

Q: Where are my recordings stored?
A: Quick Record stores your recording, however, this recording is only for your reference. We believe artists etc should be paid for their music. This is why we only allow uploads to music platforms that pay royalties to the artists and producers.

Q: Does my computer have to remain on to record the radio?
A: No, you don’t have to leave your computer turned on. Once a schedule is set up, then Quick Record will capture the recording at the scheduled time.

Q: How do I select a specific station to record a show from?
A: You can record any show/station you require. This is what makes us different from other recording solutions.

Q: How can I see a list of shows that I have scheduled?
A: Log in to your Quick Record account and click on ‘Your Shows’ to see a list of your upcoming scheduled recordings. If you would like a list of your completed recordings please click on ‘My Recent Shows’. This allows you to play, download and re-upload your show.

Q: How do I edit a scheduled recording?
A: ‘Your Shows’ will give you a calendar with all your shows scheduled to record, you can then click on your show and this will load the show details on the left-hand side of the calendar.

Q: How do I stop recording a show?
A: Log in to your Quick Record account and click on ‘Your Shows’ to see the list of shows, then select the show you would like to stop recording, you can either disable the show or delete the show. For example, if someone is covering your show for a week and you would like to skip the recording we would recommend that you disable the show.

Q: Can I start playing back a show while it is recording?
A: No, we record the whole show in one recording, this means you must wait for the show to stop before you can listen back. The playback is available instantly from our platform, third-party sites like MixCloud it can take up to a minute before it will be shown.

Q: I got an error: ‘Failed – {Message}’. What does this mean?
A: Due to Quick Record recording live radio streams there can be times where the recording will fail. This is very unusual but we will let you know. We always give a reason for the failed alert. A common one is ‘Lack of recording minutes’ this is because you have run out of recording minutes. Please contact support at info@quickrecord.uk for any issues with failed recordings are we will help you understand why.

Q: How can I schedule more than 1 recording?
A: Quick Record isn’t limited to 1 recording at a time, however recording two recordings at a time will use your minutes up quicker.

Listening to My Recordings

Q: How do I listen to a recording?
A: To listen from a PC log in to Quick Record at: https://hub.quickrecord.co.uk and click the ‘My Recent Shows’ in the left menu. Select the recording you wish to listen to and it should start playing. If you have trouble playing backcheck to make sure that you do not have any browser plugins, firewalls, or software that might be blocking your connection.

Q: My recordings won’t play. What can I do?
A: First visit the ‘Summary’ tab and make sure that the recording in question was successfully recorded. If there was a problem recording it then it will not ever play. If the show isn’t playing please contact support info@quickrecord.uk and will look into this for you.

Q: Can I listen to a show without recording it?
A: No, we recommend using TuneIn if you just want to listen.

Q: Can I download recordings in MP3 format?
A: To easily download part of a show using the Quick Record player, look for the download arrow that appears next to each recording. Clicking the arrow will download as an MP3.

Q: I don’t see the download arrow that is supposed to be “next to each part” of my recorded shows. What can I do?
A: Please contact support as the recording hasn’t been linked correctly.

Q: Are there iPad/iPhone apps available?
A: Currently Quick Record doesn’t have a supported app. Our website will work on most phones/tablets.

Q: How do I store recordings?
A: Quick Record does not support long-term storage of recordings. To store your recordings beyond 14 days (28 days for station accounts), please download them or you the automatic features (MixCloud, SoundCloud, FTP)

Deleting Old Files

Q: How do I delete all recordings?
A: Currently we don’t have the delete-all option, if you are on a DJ package recordings will be deleted after two weeks. If you are on a station these will be deleted after 4 weeks. Quick Record can make changes to this, please contact us if you require longer or shorter.

Q: How can I tell how much space I have left?
A: Quick Record don’t give you a set amount of space. We work in minutes, if you have recording time left it will always record. We will never delete your recordings outside of your normal deletion schedule.

Adding Quick Record to your Product, Service, or Site

Q: Do you have a Quick Record API for developers?
A: Yes, please contact us at info@quickrecord.uk for more information.